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How it Works

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Create your profile

Add your details and where to find you across your various social and music profiles.

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Manage your Creditz

Send and receive Creditz based on Music from Spotify or Videos from YouTube

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Connect with Industry

Find and connect with the creators that you know and need across the industry.

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Make Music Happen

We don't need to explain what happens from here. Go make Art happen!

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Available on Web & Mobile

Whether you're on the go and get by inspiration or in the studio trying to plan your next move. Use Creditz Web and Mobile to find and manage your network.

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Add, Recieve & Store your Creditz

For different songs and projects, we may wear different hats. You can be a feature on an album, the director of a video or even a producer of a song. Keep a record of all the work you've done so you can have a true reflection of what you do.

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The Art of It Podcast
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Listen to Conversations on the Real Music Business

Listen to breakdowns from different parts of the music business. From Producers talking about seeing music as a product to marketers sharing how to find Fans.

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